D.Sosorbaram: Role should be lived not played

Interviewed B.Mongolmaa

D. Sosorbaram has his own special image. When sings, adds his own melody on each song, when plays in a role, express his excellent talent. Is that your characteristic?
I think I shouldn’t play in a role but live with in. I lived in roles which I was given. I lived in “Long Summer” movie and in “Palm of Clod” as a Chingis Khan role. It is an old idea to play in a role. Even in a small role, I live in. And I live in songs and feel them with all of my heart and soul. That’s how I feel energy and enjoy professional satisfaction. Furthermore, I don’t live in roles to show somebody but to make a masterpiece. That’s why I offer my composition to a few audiences and avoid from the big places such as Wrestling Palace and ASA Circus.

Why? You have participated in the stage play of B. Lkhagvasuren, the well-known writer among Mongolian. It was held in ASA Circus. It means you sang there because of the writer?
Nowadays, lots of people prefer to see shows. Well, a show is one type of art. But I suspect that there are people increasing who cheat themselves with too cheap and tricky things. I really enjoyed the stage play of brother Lhagvasuren’s “Dragon’s Hour”. It seemed like there was about 3000 “professional” audience. I really got proud of the audience and admired their sensibility and enthusiasms. They truly understood the art and composition in the way what they really are. I wish there would be lots of people like them. I would be pleasant if there would be more and more people could listen to the symphonies of Jantsannorov, Gonchigsumlaa and Murdorj until the symphonies end. The reason I decided to offer my composition to a fewer people is I live in roles with my all devotion and the audience should accept as they are supposed to.

As the State Drama Theatre presented several historical dramas recently, I noticed that the theatre have no official actors and actresses. It was clear to see that from the dramas “Palm of Clod” and “State with no Stamp” the main roles are played with the independent actors and actresses. Do you think it is fine the State Drama has no its own Chinggis and king? By the way, why the free artists such as you don’t belong to the theatre? Is it issue of money OR?
I like to be free. That is why I am out of any organization. Now I will not play in any role except ChinggisKhan at the stage of the State Drama Theatre. If I play in Chinggis Khan’s role, why should I play in other roles? I don’t disapprove the younger artists of the Drama. I think it is right to leave a space for the younger generation. I don’t put them down. I know how it was to be persecuted. I support younger people.

Why not other roles than Chinggis Khan? Isn’t it that you got above?
It is a thing that artist could do.

Once you were suddenly displeased to be in the role of Chinggis Khan after you prepared much such as growing your hair and beard. It was not long before that you went back home with tears. Reversely, you are now credited as the only Chinggis Khan at this time period and granted with the award as for your Chinggis Khan’s role. It seems like your days are being held now?
Chinggis which I saw is Sosorbaram. Chinggis Khan was alone himself, so that I didn’t have shift actor. I was offered to play in the role of Chinggis Khan by three film producers Jigjidsuren, Nyamgavaa and Baatar. It is bit early if I say it is my day. I expect more passionate and enthusiastic days ahead of me. There are three great drama scripts in English on my desk. I believe they are great scripts which would bring great revivals in human mind. I will step forward based on these dramas. I have another plan to produce real Mongolian musical by enriching the scripts ofTsogtsiakhan with some more actions. I would start my jobs with bigger vision now.

Would you join back humor shows?
It is out of my age now. It is not my time to do that.

Well, I think I could say that you have anything you can’t do? You have experienced working in almost all types of arts such as Stage, TV, humor, and speech art?
Yes that is true. But I cannot do contortion.

You must have a habit of reading about historical books for instance “The Secrets of Mongolia”and people such as Ravjaa. What do you learn from the historical people?
Mongolians can’t go further without knowing our history. I read a lot. I read all about Chinggis starting from the history of ModunShanwu when I played in the role. We need to have a skill of balancing the historical up and downs. People have their own understanding. Some people say that they smell Sosorbaram from Ravjaa and Chinggis roles. I think artists should include their own tempers and make the roles their own. It is not good idea to memorize words only or just do what they are instructed to do. Actor or actress is not a servant of a producer. They should work together.

People don’t often bear to compose songs with lyrics or poems of D. Uriankhai. However you caught his poem in the evening show of “UlemjiinChanar”?
That is the work I made it my own. People would say it was a total concert. I call it as an evening show. Actually it is hard to make the poems of Uriankhai alive on the stage. We don’t bare it. I could catch up the deep philosophical ideas of his poems in that evening show. I really tried harder than before. His poems have deep points of philosophy.
Mongolians believe that if “UlemjiinChanar” is sung, it equals with reading it 108 times. Do you believe the same as you composed the evening show of Mr. Uriankhai? You must have done good deeds and enlightened? That is why the audience pleased with the show very much. So they assume you that brought them to higher level of intellectuality.
Since after Ravjaa, beauty of “UlemjiinChanar” and sense of philosophy are lost. There were times, we are get afraid of mentioning his name but named the songs of his as the public songs. Therefore I guess that I brought the UlemjiinChanar to the upper level.

You fashion with the national clothing, the deel?
Not so fashionable. It just fits me well. Mongolia deel is very comfortable with body and it is warm. If I am noticed, I don’t wear that expensive deels made of silk but cheaper cotton. To get proud, I have a talent of making cheaper things to expensive things.

Finally, may I ask about your family? Is it true that your son having a break from his artwork, he’s been quiet recently?
My son Ochirkhuyag has the same major as I do. I have two children. My daughter and son in law are students. My daughter gave a birth and I have a granddaughter now. I wanted my son to enroll in a law school but he enrolled in film and drama in a secret. Hope he will show up to the people soon. Actually my wife is an actress too. She didn’t work as an actress as we did make a decision to have a sole actor or artist in our family. It is because of me. My lover left his job. If she hadn’t left it, surely she would be a good actress.